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Education to all was the primary aim of the Christian missions in Tamil Nadu and particularly in Tinnevelly-Tuticorin region. Missionaries took a great deal of effort in the field of education by focusing their attention on the illiterates, also in keeping with their Gospel work, because the institution founded by them enabled them to share their religious views directly with the young people of the society. In those days, the downtrodden and the depressed classes (dalits) in the society were totally denied education. But the Christian missionaries came forward to educate them and to give a lift to their status. This article highlights the deep devotion to educate dalits and their awake over Christian mission.

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R. BERSIA LOYISAL. (2020). Educational Status Of Christian Missionaries To The Upliftment Of Dalits In Tinnevelly-Tuticorn District. GIS Business, 15(1), 66-70. Retrieved from