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The present study is devoted to the problem of use of modern behavioral economics models in internet branding. The article aims to identify the most efficient instruments of internet branding for the various models of behavioral economics. Depending on the consumer behavior model it is efficient to use various instruments of the behavior economics in internet branding. In the framework of the study, the authors used methods of analysis, comparison, data analysis and systematization, comparative analysis, analogy. The novelty of the study is explained by the systematization of application of internet branding instruments depending on the models of consumer behavior. The findings of the study may be efficiently used by the marketing specialists and brand managers, who perform their operations on the internet.

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Bronnikova E., Kuljamina O., & Vinogradova M. (2020). Application Of Modern Models Of Behavioral Economics In Internet Branding. GIS Business, 15(1), 81-94. Retrieved from