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This study reported that the addition of nano-silica enhances the mechanical characteristics of concrete as its compressive, flexural and tensile split strengths are increased. As a comparison mixture to equate it along with nano-modified concrete, ordinary samples of Portland cement (OPC) have been utilized. Herein, upto 6.0 percent of OPC has been substituted by nanosilica. In fact, the introduction of nanosilica improves mechanical and microstructural characteristics of concrete by significantly (28 to 35%). The finding therefore, indicated that partly replacing OPC with up to 5 percent nanosilica increases the mechanical and microstructural properties cured up to ninety days as opposed to the standard OPC mix.

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Dr. Sarvesh PS Rajput. (2020). Evaluating Micro-Structure, Hydration and Thermal Expansions of Cement Containing Nano-Silica. GIS Business, 15(1), 158-165. Retrieved from