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The purpose of this study is to examine how Knowledge level augmented parameters impact on the effective adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) by onion farmers in Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu. Data were gathered from a focus group made up of 60 Farmers in Perambalur district. The paper finds that a willingness of indigenous ICT users is particularly influenced by the recognition and incorporation of visible social imperatives during the adoption process. Research limitations/implications – The outcome of this study highlights important issues for ICT adoption. One particular area that must be taken into consideration is the adoption channel. Perceptions of ICT adoption will differ significantly among adopters. For this reason, the need for developing an appropriate adoption channel that ensures successful diffusion of the innovation should be recognized. The paper also demonstrates that Knowledge Management System among farmers using ICT to yield more profit in onion Production form knowledge distributed by the experts. Hence the research work carried out to acquire, represent, and distribute the knowledge Management system to the Farming community.

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J.Nithya Jayaseeli, & Dr. T. Devi. (2019). Knowledge Management System Among Onion Farmers Using Ict In Perambalur District Of Tamil Nadu. GIS Business, 15(1), 292-299. Retrieved from