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Population of our country is growing at alarming rate. Population of urban areas are growing faster than rural areas given the emerging of economic activities in cities. With the migration of rural population to urban areas for various reasons resulting into increase in lots of issues and problems in urban areas. Although, our governments at Centre level and State levels are putting lots of efforts and trying their best to resolve many of the issues of growing urban areas but somehow it seems that their efforts are falling short to solve those problems. On other hand, with continuous increase in population of urban areas, some of those problems are becoming worsen and leading to emergence of another problems. It is said that if something will not be done on urgent basis to save those urban areas and cities, it will be too late to achieve national goals especially relating to sustainable development. Therefore, to make our cities and urban areas to sustain for long run especially for future generations, it is need of hour to look at those specific issues such as transport, infrastructure, pollution, housing, sanitation, congestion, illiteracy, migration, etc. very carefully and try to resolve as early as possible. But among those mentioned issues, transportation problem (which include congestion, pollution, traffic mix, fuel consumption, high travel time, low productivity, slow traffic movement, etc.) is one of the major problem of cities in today’s context and putting financial burden on national economy in many ways.

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Dr. Mahendra Parihar. (2020). Do We Need To Promote Public Transport For Sustainable Development With Reference To Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)?: A Case Of Jaipur Metro Rail Project In Rajasthan. GIS Business, 15(1), 310-323. Retrieved from