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Empowerment of women is a global agenda. Women are well prepared for the arduous journey as an entrepreneur. There is a need to fully realise their potential for the benefit of the society and the nation as a whole. There are many factors which motivate women to enter the dynamic, unpredictable and fiercely competitive world of business. Motivation plays a foundational role in realising their dream to become a successful entrepreneur. To be successful entrepreneurs, women need to be energy-driven, dedicated and passionate about their business idea. Motivation is the key force behind their commitment, energy, passion, creativity, and success. This paper examines the reasons why women choose to start an enterprise of their own. It discusses the summary findings of the factors influencing women to become entrepreneurs. The study is based on primary data obtained from 130 women entrepreneurs from major cities of Punjab. Factor analysis was used which revealed four principal components that accounted for variations in factors that motivated themto become an entrepreneur.

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Rashmi Sharma, & Dr. Rajesh Bagga. (2020). Motivators Of Women Entrepreneurship - A Study Of Women Entrepreneurs Of Punjab. GIS Business, 15(1), 324-338. Retrieved from