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Tribal people are remaining in middle of backward regions, forest areas and mountains and confronting numerous issues because of absence of access to quality medicinal services, monetary help and transportation system. The main aim of this study is to examine   the socio economic status of tribal women  and  analyze  income and expenditure pattern of tribal  women  .In this regard three villages in forest areas of Khammam district had been selected and primary data had been collected from 120 tribal women. The logistic regression analysis had been conducted to know the factors influencing tribal people to access bank loans by tribal people. The major finding of this study is that tribal women with land ownership can improve their socio economic status.. It is found from the predictive analysis that socio economic profile of tribal women can be improved with more enhancement of land ownership. The education facilities and healthcare facilities are not considered by the logistic model for accessing the bank loan by tribal women. The standard of living conditions of tribal women in forest area can be enhanced through entrepreneurship rather than providing employment opportunities.

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